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An ISO 7021 : 2008 Certified Journal

A Peer Reviewed/ Referred Journal




1. An Efficient Fir Filter Design Using Dual-Mode Multiplier and Single Phase Logic Adder

    M.SATHIA PRIYA, Assistant Professor, T.GAYATHRI, Assistant Professor; SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore

    Page No:1-6


2. An Implementation for Web Content Based Short-Text Clustering

    Mayur Rathi, Huma Khan; LNCTS (RIT) Indore

    Page No:7-12


3. Tribal as Primitive in Arun Joshi’s “The Strange Case of Billy Biswas”

    M.Muthuvel; Bharathiar University,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu Dr.C.Arul Thresa; Government Arts & Science College, Veerapandi, Theni

    Page No:13-17


4. Role of Cartoon Addiction to Form Aggressive Behaviour among Class VI students

    Dr. Bapi Mishra, Assistant Professor; University of Gour Banga, Malda

    Page No:18-31


5. A Study on Demonetization Its Impact on the Various Sectors And Economy

    M.Shirisha; SJJT University, RAJASTHAN; Dr .D.Sucharitha; Associate Professor, HITS COLLEGE

    Page No:32-36


6. A Study on Trends and Challenges in Global HRM

    P. NAGESH; S.J.J.T. University, Rajasthan,  Prof. J.V. RANGESWARA REDDY; K.G.R Institute of Technology and Management, Hyderabad

    Page No:37-40


7. “Performance Evaluation of R290 as Substitution to R22 & Mixture of Them in Vapour Compression                     Refrigeration System”

    Pawan Kumar Mishra, Amol Tripathi; RGPV,Bhopal

    Page No:41-47


8. Comparison And Similarities Between TCP/IP And OSI Reference Model

    JUBITHA.I, Asst. professor; AJK College of Art & Science

    Page No:48-49


9. Students’ Attitude towards Teachers Performance (SATP): A Descriptive Study

    Dr. Bapi Mishra, Assistant Professor; University of Gour Banga, Malda, West Bengal

    Page No:50-61


10. Design And Analysis Of Spur Gear Teeth With Variable Contact Ratio And Pressure Angle

      MULAGA DURGA PRASAD, Sri. P.SURESH; TPIST College of Engineering

      Page No:62-73


11. A Study On Effectiveness Of Computer Technology On Students Of Higher Education Institution

      Prof. Sheetal Chhabra; Acropolis Technical Campus, Indore

      Page No:74-81


12. Smart Car Using Heart Attack Detector

      M.Vimala, Antonette Mary Kennedy, S.Chandhini, S.P.Aarthi; R.M.K. Engineering College

      Page No:82-88


13. Intuitionistic  Anti -Fuzzy Hx Bi-Ideal Of A Hx Ring

      R. Muthuraj; H.H. The Rajahs’ College, Pudukkotai and M. S. Muthuraman; P.S.N.A. College of Engineering & Technology, Dindigul

      Page No:89-103


14. User Satisfaction Assessment Extraction From Vocal Reviews Using Speech Recognition

       P.N.V.V.Prasad Babu Gowd and M.Robinson Joel; SMKFomra Institute of Technology

       Page No:104-113


15. Automatic Vaccum Cleaner Using Arduino

       Mr. P. B. Jarande,  Shreyash Pandhari Murakar,  Neha Sachidanand Vast, Nikita Prakash Ubale,                                                                                 Siddhesh Sanjay Saraf; SSPM’s COE Kankavli

       Page No:114-116


16. A Novel Multilevel Multioutput BidirectionalActive Boost PFC Rectifier

       Manas Kumar, Santosh Kumar Tembhare;Corporate Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal

       Page No:117-124


17. Well Maintained Water Supply System

      Deepika Shree S, Divya S, Gayathri M, Dr.Y.Sukhi; R M K Engineering College, Thiruvallur

      Page No:125-131


18. Effect Of Excessive Use Of Mobile On Our Health Value

      Kusum Sajwan Negi and Sunita Godiyal; H.N.B. Garhwal (A Central) University, S.R.T. Campus Badshahi-Thaul, Tehri Garhwal , Uttarakhand

      Page No:132-137


19. Entrepreneurship Development And Employment In India: An Evidence of MSME’s

      Mulaka Lakshmi Priya; Andhra University

      Page No:138-151


20.   αg#ψ -Closed Sets and αg#ψ -Functions in Topological Spaces  

       M. Vigneshwaran and T. Nandhini; Kongunadu Arts and Science College,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

       Page No:152-166


21. Investigation of Contaminated Groundwater near Solid Waste Disposal Zone in Salem

       U. Indira Priyadharshini, S.Manopreethi, S.Manikandan, S.Manikannan; Sona College of Technology, Salem

       Page No:167-171


22. Applications of b*gα-Closed Sets and b*gα-Functions in Topological Spaces

       M. Vigneshwaran and S. SaranyaKongunadu Arts and Science College,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

       Page No:172-183


23. Values of spirituality in R. K. Narayan’s selected novels

       Dr. M. Kavitha; Jay Shriraam Group of Institutions, Tiruppur

       Page No:184-187


24. Origin of Hospitality in Front Office Area

       Mr. S. JONATHAN ANAND KUMAR; AJK College of Arts and Science, Navakkarai, Coimbatore

       Page No:188-191


25. A View on Hospitality by the Current Young Generation

       Mr. L. MURALIDHARAN; AJK College of Arts and Science, Navakkarai, Coimbatore

       Page No:192-199


26. Role of Indian Cuisine in International Cullinary

       Mr. K. SELVAMANI; AJK College of Arts and Science, Navakkarai, Coimbatore

       Page No:200-207


27. A Statistical Assessment of Antibiotics Prescribed In Rural Region of Satara District

       Akshay P. Oswal, Anand P. Khadke, Avinash M.Bhagwat; Yashoda Technical Campus Faculty of Pharmacy, Satara Maharashtra

       Page No:208-216


28. Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers of Gajapati district

       Amit Kumar Samantaray; Regional institute of education, Bhubaneswar

       Page No:217-221


29. Teacher Adjustment of Secondary School Teachers

       Radha Rani Roy; Nathaniyal Murmu Memorial College, Tapan, Dakshin Dinajpur and                                                                                                             Ujjwal Kumar Halder; University of Gour Banga, Malda, West Bengal

       Page No:222-227


30. Accident Prevention Using V2V Communication


       Page No:228-236


31. Domination and Irredundant Number of 4-Regular Graph

       S. Delbin Prema; RVS Technical Campus-Coimbatore, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and                                                                                                                    C. Jayasekaran; Pioneer Kumaraswamy College, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

       Page No:234-241


32. “Propane As Substitution To Freon And Mixture Of Refrigerant In The VCRS- A Review”

       Amit Kumar Singh and Prof. Ravindra Mohan; IES College RGPV UNIVERSITY, BHOPAL

       Page No:242-244


33. Automated Solar Powered Irrigation with Panel Cleaning

       Aravinth.M, Pavithra.S, Saranya.R, Shanmathy.M; VSB College of Engineering Technical Campus, Coimbatore

       Page No:245-248


34. Review Paper on Shared Access Authentication in Cloud Computing Using Encryption Based Security                   Mechanism

       Ritu Pathak and Sahana Edwin. T; Babulal Tarabai Institute of Research & Technology, Sagar

       Page No:249-253


35. Experimental Investigation On Strengthening Of RCC Beams In Flexure Using GFRP Sheets

       V.Bhuvaneshwari, S.Saranya, Dr.K.Jagadeesan; Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu

       Page No:254-261


36. Waste Potential Of Municipal Solid Waste By Refused Derived Fuel Method

       Ashok Kumar P, Ramya R, Sabarigirivasan K,Subasuriyabalaji M; Sona College Of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu

       Page No:262-268


37. Implementation of PFR in BLDC Motor Using Landsman Converter

        Mr. Ganesan.M, Vengama Tanya Sree,  Sandhya.S, Tamil Oviyam.M; R.M.K. Engineering College, Thiruvallur, Chennai

       Page No:269-279


38. An Experimental and Comparative Study on Canal Lining Using Geosynthetic Material, Cement mortar and         Earthen Lining

        Sriswetha C, Ranjana S, Rajeshwari M, Ashokkumar P; Sona College of Tech

       Page No:280-286


39. Analysis Of Value Of Firm Select Automobile Companies Under Net Income Approach And Analyzed                     Financial Leverage

        Dr. M. Maheswaran M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D; Blue Hora University, Ethiopia

       Page No:287-292


40. A Study on Information Seeking Behavior: A Comparative Study between Male and Female Students

        Dr. S. Selvendran M.Com., M.Phil., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., M.B.A., Ph.D.; Angappa College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore

       Page No:293-301


41. “A Study on Popular Fm Channels in Coimbatore District”


       Page No:302-306


42. Issues And Challenges Related To Preparing Teachers For Inclusive Schools In India

        Amlesh Kumar; RIE (NCERT), Bhubaneswar

       Page No:307-313


43. AES Algorithm And Virtual Password Based Secure Electronic Voting By Auditing Stakeholders

        Amrudha Devi. V, Karpagam. G. R; PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu

       Page No:314-322


44. Self-Concept of the Post-Graduate Students

        Josnara Khatun; Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya, Siliguri, Darjeeling and Ujjwal Kumar Halder; University of Gour Banga, Malda

       Page No: 323-331


45. An Experimental Study on Eco Sand as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate in Cement Concrete

        Susmitha T , Shwetha priya G , Ramakrishnan N, Tharshan balaaji S G; Sona College of Technology, Salem

       Page No: 332-338


46. A 10 Switch Single Phase 15 Level Inverter

        J.Shanmuga Kani, P.Sathya Narayanan; Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

       Page No: 339-352


47. Experimental Study on Critical Analysis of Construction Ergonomics

        Balamurugan P, Deepan kumar B; Dhanalakshmi srinivasan institute of technology, Trichy

       Page No: 353-359


48. GPU Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Map Reduce Framework for Heterogeneous Networks

       Vishal singh Bhati , Dr. Jaitrilok Choudhary; Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

       Page No: 360-370


49. Effect of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies on Achievement in Mathematics in                                                         Relation to Mathematics Anxiety

       Dr. Ram Mehar; USOL, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Navneet kad; Panjab University, Chandigarh

       Page No: 371-381


50. Enhanced Security Infrastructure in the Health Care Grid

       Gandhi Jabakumar. G, Akash. S, Naresh Godara. M, Sivakumar .K, Ganesh. S; SMK Fomra Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu

       Page No: 382-388


51. A Study on Liquidity Analysis of Thanjavur Spinning Mills

       Ms. S.Nithya, Dr.Selvendran, M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A., Ph.D; Government Arts College, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

       Page No: 389-393


52. A Study on the Habit of Malnutrition of Secondary Students

       Dr. Bapi Mishra; Assistant Professor; University of Gour Banga, Malda, West Bengal

       Page No: 394-400


53. Experimental Investigation on Retrofitted Concrete Elements Using Synthetic Wraps

       R.KalyanaSundar, T.Lavanya, Muthiah Prithvinath, R.S.Gandhimathi, S. Saranya; Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu

       Page No: 400-407


54. Water Level Monitoring and Dam Gate Control over IOT 

       Murkar Mandar Santosh, Patankar Bhakti Santosh, Naik Anjali Sajuram, Satam Shubhangi Bhikaji, Mrs. P. P. Kulkarni; Sspm’s Coe Kankavli

       Page No: 408-414


55. Developing A Dual Axis Solar Tracking System Based On Solar Mapping Controlled By Micro Controller

       Jaffar Sathiq Ali.M.T, P. Viswanathan, R. Satheesh Kumar; Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Institute of Technology, Trichy;                                                 K. Ram Senthil Murugan; Pet Engineering College, Tirunelveli

       Page No: 415-421


56. Simulation And Validation Of Performance In Three Phase Motor On 1phase/2phase

       Sabari L.Uma Maheswari, Hariharan P P, Ganesh Babu G, Gopikrishna V; R.M.K. Engineering College

       Page No: 422-427


57. Study of Cold-Formed Steel Open Angle Sections under Compression

       P. Suresh kumar, Dr.G. Aruna; Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu

       Page No: 428-431


58. A Comparative Study of Educational Status Among Tribals in West Bengal

       Kamruzzaman Mollah; Seacom Skills University, Kendradangal, Bolpur, Birbhum, West Bengal

       Page No: 432-443